Suggest a company that offers good dedicated server

Can you help me and suggest a company that offers good dedicated servers ?

PS I tried to get server from H e t z n e r but they requested a copy of my passport which is something I am not comfortable to do.

What are detected servers at all? Or do you mean dedicated?

Yes. Updated

I had very good experience with dedicated servers from these companies:

LiquidWeb (probably the best one)
Tailor Made Servers

I know about OVH but their prices seems little high to me.

LiquidWeb offers really strong servers but I don’t need more than 4 cores ( Intel Xeon Turbo is preferable ) with 32GB Ram… They offer 16 Core with the one that had 32GB ram so the price is over my budget.

Thank you for your help.

You may want to check Tailor Made Servers then. They have a wide range of servers, and you can contact them for special offers -sometimes they have a few low-budget servers that are not listed on main website. Used their service for 3 years without a single issue. Just be aware their servers are unmanaged, so you need to have at least basic skills in server management.

All what I need is installed OS and SSH access I can take care of the other technical stuff.

Have you a ever heard of this company dedispec ? They are probably using the same hardware as Tailor since both of them are located in USA.

Never heard of them, but a quick look at WHT forums suggest they are pretty reputable.

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