Sudden increase in SFX rejections

Well, let’s get to the point. In the last month I have had an important increase in rejections, from 10-20% to almost 50.

All of them are for utility reasons which, most of the time, make no sense. I have had 4 different wooshes pack rejected with a pretty standard approach, some ambiences, and also bass drops. All of this type of items are in my top sales, going from 3 to 10 sales, which makes me think that most of the “new” reviewers have little to no actual information about the market they are reviewing for.

Have anyone also experienced this? Is there anything I can do?

All of this added to the elements decrease in income are making me want to quit this marketplace that make authors feel so powerless about their own products,

Nevermind, just a bad week, I just had practically the exact same items approved by reuploading.

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