Successful Wordpress theme Authors

The Time has come after Months of Hard work when I am ready to Upload my First theme On Wordpress.
I am excited and at the Same time Nervous.

45 Days stand alone were spend on theme Testing with a total Budget of 2500$ spend alone on testing.

I am a widow and Mother of two Children. this Theme means a lot to me as my Children Future depends on its success.

I have taken a Bank Loan also. Please guide me to the best of your Knowledge.

Google Page Insight Speed Test - It is quite Complicated Tool it generates few errors which are beyond any ones control Example: As soon as we activate woocommerce it decreases 10 points, if we upload a Google Map on any page again it decreases 5-7 points. There are errors beyond any one control when we are using 3rd party Plugins such as: google map API, woo Commerce, Contact form 7. I have read in detail about the information Posted on these Links -

No where I found that Reviewers look this as Parameters. I also Browsed many themes on Theme forest most of the wordpress Themes has these scores on desktop 71-77 and 43-61 on Mobile devices, still they were accepted. Additionally whatever errors and fixes can be done through within theme level they have been taken care of.

I also Found a Video on you Tube, this seems to be an Old Video -, can some one comment how much effective is the information in this Video today?

I need to upload a theme preview and a Thumbnail, apart from that what other images do I need to upload, If pages snapshot are mandatory then how many would be sufficient.