Successful Theme Authors of Wordpress

The Time has come after Months of Hard work when I am ready to Upload my First theme On Wordpress.
I am excited and at the Same time Nervous.

45 Days stand alone were spend on theme Testing with a total Budget of 2500$ spend alone on testing.

I am a widow and Mother of two Children. this Theme means a lot to me as my Children Future depends on its success.

I have taken a Bank Loan also. Please guide me to the best of your Knowledge.

Google Page Insight Speed Test - It is quite Complicated Tool it generates few errors which are beyond any ones control Example: As soon as we activate woocommerce it decreases 10 points, if we upload a Google Map on any page again it decreases 5-7 points. There are errors beyond any one control when we are using 3rd party Plugins such as: google map API, woo Commerce, Contact form 7. I have read in detail about the information Posted on these Links -
No where I found that Reviewers look this as Parameters. I also Browsed many themes on Theme forest most of the wordpress Themes has these scores on desktop 71-77 and 43-61 on Mobile devices, still they were accepted. Additionally whatever errors and fixes can be done through within theme level they have been taken care of.

I also Found a Video on you Tube, this seems to be an Old Video -, can some one comment how much effective is the information in this Video today?

I need to upload a theme preview and a Thumbnail, apart from that what other images do I need to upload, If pages snapshot are mandatory then how many would be sufficient.

Ultimately a theme’s acceptance depends on the quality of design, not on how efficiently it works, so dont worry much about that.
Preview image and thumbnail are the only images mandatory and others are purely optional.
Provide a demo link if you want a response on your theme.
All the best.


yes, it depends almost on the quality of design.

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