Successful payment, I can't get the item

I am a newcomer to the forum, but not a newcomer to Videohive. However, I am having a serious problem now. In the project, I have a very tight deadline. I selected 4 project items on Videohive, I plan to use it in the project, and I am missing the download when I successfully pay for the purchase. I purchased 4 Videohive items, but they didn’t appear on my download page. My proof of successful purchase is already provided by Paypal. At the time, the payment was successful. When the website system jumped to the Videohive website system, the website page directly popped up the message and directly told me that the transaction failed. However, my Banking System Center sent me a payment success notice, I paid the money and then got the purchase. Who has encountered the same similar experience.
I want the website system to request a refund, but I can’t see the item in the refund center, so I can’t choose the item refund, because I didn’t see the item I bought after payment, I made 2 separate refunds in the help center. Help request, but did not get any response from the person, only the system prompts me to ask for help ticket number
Finally, I had to submit the transaction dispute handling in paypay. At this time, my Videohive account was locked by the system. I had to unlock the account. At this time, the sender of the Market Security Center told me that if you need to apply for unlocking, you must first In the paypal system to close the transaction dispute, and then apply for an account to unlock, I can only close the transaction dispute in paypal, and then apply for an account to unlock. At this time, the staff quickly sent me an email confirming that the account was unlocked.
After the account was unlocked successfully, I applied for 2 refundable ticket numbers, and then I entered a long wait again (my hair may be whitened at this time). My mailbox is also full of silence. I did get a reply to two automatic ticket numbers because I posted two support requests. I replied to these two emails without any response, and my payment was confirmed by the transaction number provided by Paypal. Did not get the items after purchase and the bad mood after losing money. Does anyone know how I can get support for this solution. Is there any other way to contact support? Thank you very much for guiding me. Cheers!

My ticket number is 1473469 or ticket number is 1473469.
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I also purchased 3d puzzle animation which requires the element 3D to work. How do I download the Element 3D?