Subscription to remove ads Regular vs Extended

I have bought a wallpaper app from Codecanyon.
So there will be a category of Premium wallpapers that can be opened if you watch an AD or if you subscribe.
As far as i was able to check the Rules it says that if that option is not ONLY PAID but is free too i do not need a Extened licence.
Am i right ?
So all of the wallpapers can be accessed for free watching an AD but you can remove those ADs if you want if you subscribe.
So do i need extended licence for this or not.
Thank you.

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You only need an extended license if you plan to sell the app or sell access to any of the item’s features.

It sounds like you will be selling access to wallpapers, and not any of the app’s features. In this case, as long as the wallpapers are your own products and didn’t come bundled with the item, then neither of the licenses prevent you from selling your own products.

So a regular license will be fine. :slight_smile:

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