Subscription Surpise

Can someone please tell me how these developers are getting away with charging me a subscription fee when I never agreed to be charged a subscription fee? Astoundify/Listfy just charged me $79 a year after purchasing it’s plugins. I’ve been trying to adopt Wordpress and WooCommerce and I’m over these plugins charging subscriptions for limited, half baked solutions. It’s not worth the headache.

I’m ready to walk from Wordpress all together. Can someone from Envato please contact me and help me with the refund? I have to pay $49 to get support and to send the developer a request for refund through their site.

It should not be this complex to request a refund and to be completely informed when I’m signing up for a subscription model. Sorry, just frustrated at the 45min to an hour I’ve spent trying to get a decent message sent to the developer.

Envato please do something about this. Subscription models only kill the desire to test and adopt small dev solutions.

Lame and Frustrated.