Subscription Payments NOT Processing

I really need to get my account subscription renewed/restarted tonight to download some presentation templates and currently none of the payments processes are going through regardless of whether I use a credit card or go through my paypal account! Anyone else experiencing this same issue, and/or know how or when this will be resolved???


Would you be able to open up an Elements Help Ticket?

Our Help Team will be happy to assist.


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Already did, have yet to hear from anyone. Here’s a screen shot of the error modal that pops up everytime I attempt to put a payment through.

From the looks of it the data seems to be getting formatted and passed through as the proper tokens, but either the braintree or recurly apis aren’t liking the REST transfer of the data when I attempt to renew the account. I’m going to attempt to making a new account and see if that has any effect on the payments setup? It might be an issue getting the payments apis working for this particular user case.

Yup, it was that exact problem with that particular use case. I just made a new account and setup a payment through my paypal and it processed right away. So I’m guessing there’s a conflict in either the auth user flow or the payments api via recurly or braintree for accounts to renew subscriptions.

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