Subscription for Envato Elements

It says that if you subscribe to use Envato for $16.50 per month that you can use the items on A CHANNEL… does that mean I cannot use the music/assets etc on any of my other channels?

It depends, is it the same item for the same end product¿? Then yes.


You can download anything or unlimited from Envato Elements but can’t download anything from main marketplace(themeforest,codecanyon,audiojungle etc)

Hope Understand.


I don’t really understand… mainly its music I want to download from the unlimited subscription not too sure about the other places you mentioned. I have split my channels on youtube because its easier for each one to have their own channel but it doesn’t make sense if I cannot use my subscription for assets on my other channels which are all under my personal name?

I have a couple of channels - say… abc happy, abc sad, for example… both are kiddies channels and under my personal name… would I be allowed to utilize assets on both channels?

You can’t download anything from Audiojungle at that unlimited subscription.
And you can download anything from here Sound Effects, Audio only.

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okay my question wasn’t about where i can download from… I asked if I have an ENVATO ELEMENTS subscription (not audio jungle or any of the other places) can I use those assets on all my youtube channels.

You’ll need a separate license for each use, but YES, you can use the asset on each of your channels.