Subscription Box - Shopping Website - Detailed Product Customization


I want to make a subscription box website its about mens clothings but all theme i saw is not detailed product placement or customize step by step product selection …

This is the flow I want for the website

Customer creates the profile
Then select the subscription options available : 3M, 6M
Then client should select Size : M, L, XL
Then page goes to select Color : Black, White, Blue
Then page goes to select Design: ABC
Then select color of design : Red, Yellow, Pink

The above process should be done 3 times, if client has select 3M , or process should happen for 6 times if select 6M

and then check out

I think its bit complicated, and probably no theme would be useful, but then i might be wrong, and hopeful if i can get any solution.

Anticipating a solution

Thanks & Regards