Subscribing Envato elements from India

Why are we not able to pay and subscribe Envato elements from India., how will we able to access. We are also not able to access an american account from India and download. Any work arounds?

Envato Elements is not able to process new or recurring Elements subscriptions for customers using banks based in India. This happened because of changes implemented by Reserve Bank of India where now any recurring credit card transactions will require additional authentication from the customer. You can read more about it here Why can’t I subscribe to Elements from India? You will need to contact your financial institution to see what other options exist to be able to continue subscriptions. Envato is not able to provide workaround unfortunately and therefore recommends using Envato Market which is not affected by those changes.

Hi Suzana will Paypal payment work for this?
To use Envato Elements and buy the subscription In India will the India based Paypal account work?

Probably, but you better check that first with Envato team by submitting a request on this page and then on that dropdown menu select Making a Payment.