Submitting game music to be used with FMOD and Wwise

Hi everyone!

Thought id ask the comununty with some advice when uploading interactive game music. Essentially I have ready music that has been tailored to loop and change interactively using programs such as FMOD and Wwise. Its the same type of composition but has adaptive main, combat and hide music. AudioJungle from what I hear is a popular avenue for developers to get this type of music. Has anyone uploaded successful files like this? Apart from having the loop files in WAV and MP3 form, is there anything else I should include?

Also I am wondering about the preview, should I just have the tracks playing back to back with a small gap in between?

Hopefully someone can shred some light on the matter, I don’t think envato has made a guide for this type of submission. I could be very wrong tho!

Hope all is well!


Silly me, after looking further into the FAQ’s, I was looking under the wrong sections. It would be under music packs if anyone was wondering.

Each pack can contain a maximum of 10 tracks.
All tracks must be existing AudioJungle items.
The total duration of all tracks must not exceed 30 minutes.
You cannot use the same track across multiple packs.
Your preview file must contain all tracks in their entirety and must also contain the Audio Jungle watermark.