Submitted E-commerce Theme and Got Rejected Just after one hour.

Today we have submitted a WordPress E-commerce theme. But It was rejected just after one hour and got a hard rejection mail from the review team without any proper information.

Please note that we are selling items more than three years and we have just got an “Elite Badge” last week. I did not face this kind of review issue last 3 years.

We believe that our design, coding standards are suitable for ThemeForest. Even it is our one of the best product that has the unique design and coding. We believe, it can not be hard reject. Even it’s HTML version is selling good. Really disappointed!

Here is demo link

Looking for your help. Your comments will be highly appreciated.

Thanks again.

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Hi, your design is good but too small typography (p and need spacing same size top and bottom.



you should mention in field “comment for reviewers” that HTML version is approved, they should change the point of view.

Greetings, Piotr