Submitted App was rejected, please suggest improvements to get approved.

Hello Envato Authors.

I have recently submitted an Android POS App and it was rejected. I was wondering if I could get more insight to improve this App, please. I think the decision was made purely on design looks, but I have seen much worst looking Apps currently in the marketplace. Having said that, I only want to know what needs to be done to get the App standards to match the required design quality.

Some Screen Prints Attached.

Demo Video

Download App

Appreciate your response, Thank you.

Hello ezypos,

This app is basically missing two things:

  • A nice User Experience
  • A good-looking User Interface

The app itself seems good, although I haven’t tested it myself. Assuming it is free of bugs, you need to cuddle your potential buyers a bit more.

The average user wants an easy interface, or at least a thoughtful layout with plenty of explanation on what each button or section does (actual description).

Every user wants a good-looking design, an app that can catch the eye even before evaluating functionality.

That being said, your app gets evaluated by Envato also for:

  • Documentation - Make sure it is properly and extensively documented
  • Description - Make sure you are providing an extensive and truthful description of what your app does
  • Overall Quality - Your app must be above the average quality for apps of the same kind that are already available for sale. A quick search shows that there are better looking apps currently available.