Submitted a mobile app project 25th April still in review

So I’ve submitted my item 25 April, after 4 days I got soft rejection fixed all the problems, re-submitted. After 5 days I got soft rejected again (I fixed the problem before but I don’t know why it happened). Now its in review for 2 days now, will be 3 after 8 hours.

So can I get my item approved?

Be patient, a good author doesn’t have to worry about soft rejections.

hey man! After 5 6 times of fixing graphics, description they rejected my item parmanently


Why did they not hard rejected from the start and not waste your time, the review process is getting worse and worse…


Please use the recommended screenshot resolution, as it is right now the screenshots are too big. (vertical: 460 x 900, horizontal: 1360 x 900)

same errors please fix everything at once.

image resolution no larger than 900x900px

It was 460x900 was it big?

True man

no larger than 900x900px
so, it was fine. just need to make sure for all images/screenshots. as you mentioned above: horizontal: 1360 x 900

It was perfect bro.