Submit RTL Version of my approved html theme

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My theme is approved and i’m happy :slight_smile:
That’s it

Rahil Responsive HTML5 Onepage Template

Now i need to make RTL version of it . but i don’t know the best way to preview the RTL version

Should i make just completely another Version( Folder ) at the Main files called RTL (for example ) and include all files with the rtl css file and RTL language Text for Preview

Or just Include RTL CSS file to exchange the directions and explane how to import it into the main files at the Documention ?

What is the best way for the buyer ?

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You should only include the RTL in your current package and submit an update to ThemeForest. Creating a new template with the same layout as the one approved is not a solution.

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You meant the RTL CSS File or the complete RTL version.

At the live preview will show normally 2 version ( Basic and RTL )
but at the Main files should i include just the RTL CSS File with it’s Documentation ?

Hello Norhan!

Congrats for your first work, well done :slight_smile:

For me I would go with the second option to include only the RTL version, for example (css-rtl.css) and then the buyer can include that file easily instead of the main css file, and this would be cleared in the docs.

I also would use something like Gulp to automate the RTL conversion, I’m using this for all my WP themes which makes things far easier. This post will show you how this is done, I did it for WP, but the technique will work with just any context.

For the demo, you can create a new one with a different domain like for example.

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Your template will have two versions ( Basic and RTL ) as you just said. So there will be separate html files for each variant. For example if you have home.html; Duplicate and make it home-rtl.html

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Hello Norhan_Moh,
yesterday I got RTL version approved in my item ;
it’s simple:
Duplicate one of your old html pages
Replace texts with new texts (arabic …)
add this to the top of your html document : image
in CSS: refer to items like this .rtl .item (ex : changing h1’s align : .rtl h1 {text-align:right;} )
I hope you understand it :slight_smile:

Hi Crltano,

First Congrats for your update and actually your item is Awesome :slight_smile: .
Thanks for your replay and ya i got it . Actually i was working on RTL demo with the full example with text arabic and will update it soon . But for CSS i prefer to put the RTL Style in new file and include it into he rtl version? I think it’s better than use RTL class … that to decrease the page load speed :wink:

Thanks a lote :slight_smile:

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Hi Ahmad,

Thanks for your replay . The links was very useful for me and i will use the Gulp plugin at the wordpress version .For HTML version i prefer to use the standard method ( Manual RTL Convert ) .
Thanks Again :slight_smile:

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Hi ThemeSLR,

Got it and will do . Thanks

Hi Norhan_Moh,
Yes great idea to use a new css file for RTL instead of adding styles to the old file :wink:
Good Luck, I hope your updates will be approved :wink:
if you need help later contact me via my profile page :slight_smile:

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