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Hi all

I have the Juliet Model Agency theme and have a small problem. When a user creates a Talent portfolio, it has to be reviewed by an administrator before going live. This is exactly what is needed. However once this has been done, the user then can’t edit the portfolio again. If I allow them to edit a published portfolio in the “user role manager”, then they can edit and just update it meaning they could add contact details to the bio section?

A User should never be able to “Publish” a portfolio, and when editing one shouldn’t be able to publish the changes. What i need is that it has to be “reviewed” every time they change it.

Is this possible?

You’re best heading to the item page of the theme and then going to the support tab. The author of the theme will be the best person to help you with this.

Ok Thanks

I though I hadn’t submitted this entry because I couldn’t find it and there’s no mention in my profile badge, so made a new one, sorry about that. I’ll do your suggestion.