Submit button showed "no clips ready"

I uploaded ZIP (all 16 clips) ,preview video,preview image,thumbnail image, and filled in the relevant detailed video information, but the submit button showed “no clips ready” instead of submitting. Why is that? Could someone please help me?

Faced the same problem. Saved the upload details and closed the window. Returned to the upload page after 10-15 minutes and then it worked.

:handshake:Thank you for your reply, but I’m not as lucky as you. I uploaded it last night, and it still shows up this morning.:disappointed_relieved:

I uploaded single clip as MOV through webpage upload it worked, previews and thumb created automatically. Few days back, uploaded multiclip as zip file through webpage with custom preview and that also worked. Not sure but the problems could be with FTP upload.

Sure,uploading a single clip, previewing, and automatically creating a thumb can all be successful. Try uploading multiple clips(zip)yesterday and specify preview video. Almost successfully, it got stuck on the last submit button.

Uploaded another item through webpage. After uploading the clip, filled all the description details but the submit button still disabled (No Clips Ready). Closed the page and cameback after some time and filled the form. Only after filling all the fields and options, the submit clip button got enabled. Hope this helps some authors as the upload process seems tough and requires juggling skills.

Brother, thank you very much for your continuous and warm answers, which have benefited me a lot.

I have uploaded and since 1 month the clips are not ready. As they say Thumbnail and preview gets automatically generated, that also not worked. Uploaded 2 more clips still nothing worked.

Is there any official person why this is happening ? And why it is still not fixed ?

Just make sure you complete all the fields. If you forget just one field the “Submit clip” won’t appear. I hope that helps! It worked for me.