Submit a code

my code rejected by the admin two times, I would like to know whats mistake I’m doing. If anyone can help me to submit my code I will be thankful to you.

Please post a link to your demo, without the link it’s a bit difficult to have a feedback.

Please go into your dashboard and specifically check out the hidden items section

You will see the reason mentioned by the reviewer. Try to sanitize your code.

Rejections doesn’t mean that it’s a waste but envato support team always makes sure that whoever is submitting a code for their customers it’s worth it and have all the potential and it’s also free from bugs etc :slight_smile:

I know how does it feel when your code get’s rejected again and again… it’s frustrating but don’t worry actually it’s an ultimate key to success.

Let me know or drop me an email via my authors profile page: I will me happy to help you out.


here is my demo URL link: