Submission rejection

I post an application recently I received a message where the reviewer reject my request and I don’t receive any more information how I can have reason of rejection ?

It’s normal for the reviewer to not give a detailed explanation for rejections. You can post a preview of the item here on the forum, and people can help you understand what you can improve.

Here you can see the demo of application :

Just I want know the problem is in source code application or in documentation or description ?

I assume you were given a “hard rejection” which means it was rejected because of the item quality. Hard rejections are never because of documentation, description, or anything that’s a quick fix. If any of those were the reason, then it would have been a “soft rejection” and they would tell you what needs to be done.

Personally I don’t know much about the coding side of things, but in terms of presentation, your item needs some work.

  • The first and most immediate problem is the slider at the top. The images are squished and awkwardly tiled. I didn’t even realize it was a slider until I noticed some nearly invisible text on one and tried to highlight it, causing the slider to move.
  • I would try to stay away from using Lorem Ipsum as much as possible, only using it for large bodies of text. Try to come up with something that makes sense with the subject. Lorem Ipsum can make something look unfinished or unpolished if it’s used everywhere, whereas creating text which could actually be used makes it seem more complete and polished like a real working product.
  • Similar to the point above, DO NOT just type random letters as your text, like you did with that one testimonial.
  • I can find plenty of more pleasing and more technically advanced home finder themes and applications within ThemeForest and CodeCanyon. There isn’t really anything that sets this one apart from the others, let alone anything that makes it the more ideal choice.