Submission Rejected

Good afternoon people!
Would it be possible to take a look at the video I created, it was turned down, if possible I would like you to help me improve my work so that one day they can be accepted, anyone?

The link to the video is below.

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Are you only referring to people who have afternoon tea right now? :wink: It’s late evening here, but I hope you don’t mind that I answer you;)

Unfortunately, your video is too far from quality standards. All in all, it looks like it was done in 2011 (too outdate). The font you are using is one of the top 5 most disgusting fonts in the world, In my opinion. Everything looks very unnatural. The edges of the frames strobe like a staircase. Everything is very dark and gloomy. Too much attention in the frame is taken by the environment, despite the fact that the main thing is the photographs. Glare is too hard and intense


Thank you for the explanation.
Do you know of any courses or yourself, can you provide a tutorial so I can improve my videos

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I don’t know any courses. I studied graphic design at an institute. After institute, I just get inspired by animation from Vimeo, YouTube, Behance

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