Submission problem


the “SUBMIT” button should showing before “clips Ready” button if i am not wrong :sweat_smile:



whe i upload my clips, if all clips with the same length i just put one “0:05” and all the format will “0:50” this format is from the old uploader information.

i don’t know if this should effect your submit approval with “00:05” format, but thats how i filled my submission.


okay will try to upload something and show all the button, hope it will helps you.





okay will try with zip file.


please wait a moment i still upload the zip :joy:


There you go :rofl:


You are right, I hope they will give live support also :slight_smile:



So, was it the audiojungle link that you posted instead of the ID?


Hello guys
It’s happening to me too.
But I found out where the problem is:
Make sure there is no space in the boxes. For example if you put “0:30” in the duration box make sure there is no space after the “0:30” (like this: "0:30 ").
Sorry for my bad English.