Submission Limits for Vectors

Today we’re announcing the launch of submission limits for Vector content on GraphicRiver.

Each month there is a high volume of low-quality vectors being submitted to GraphicRiver. This means that much of our reviewers’ time is spent rejecting items, instead of on activities that help customers find your great content such as library curation and management.

How will it work?

From September 1st, the submission limit for Vectors will be capped at 100 per calendar month, resetting at the beginning of each month. This limit is based on past review performance, including new authors with no past review performance. If you have a consistently high track record of approvals, the submission limit will not apply.

To help you keep track, a note in the uploader will indicate how many items you can still submit for the remainder of the month.

To increase your item approval rates, make sure you’re uploading only your best content. For more information read up on our quality guidelines as well as the GraphicRiver submission requirements.

We’ll be around to answer your questions in batches over the next seven days. Please remember our Community Guidelines as you post.


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