Submission limit calculation is wrong? - Solved

I am fortunate to have the 30 items limit a month according to the new standard. But there seems to be a mistake in the calculation: 30 - 2 (in the queue) equals 26???

That was last week. At the moment I “can still upload 25 items to this category”. With three items in the queue…

Is anyone else experiencing the same mistake? Or even better: Does somebody from envato see this and can do something about it?

Thanx and greeting everyone

Maybe you’ve already uploaded a few tracks this month before the new limit was introduced. I had 5 tracks uploaded at the beginning of the month and after the new limit I had 25 tracks available to download, so everything is clear to me. However, maybe you have a different situation … Good luck!)

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…or maybe I was mistaken completely and the reason why is, that the new limit doesn’t go back per each title that has been taken out of the queue (for acceptance or rejection) as before but the limit gets “cleared” every first of the month. So on November 1st everything should be fine.

I think I got that wrong, sorry!

Edit: I’ll mark your answer as “Solution”. :slight_smile:

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Actually I have the same issue. It’s very interesting how it will be in November. I have concerns that even if I uploaded in October, but they have not yet been reviewed, they will be counted in November. Of course, everything could be even worse, 2 tracks per month😅

Anyway, good luck to you👍