Submission for my business card isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward?

Can anyone tell me what should I need to do for the quality standard

hi Sid, well the problem is that th card can be redone within minutes and that this is globally really decreasing gamely the commercial potential of this item in the end … For a buyer to feel like buying and being interested in an item as for I know they have to feel like saving time out of buying or feeling like that they get extra graphic design skills (beyond the ones that they have), but unfortunately this is not what happens here, not to mention that apart from a rather too simple style overall, there are different more or less serious mistakes to deal with here … Part of the most serious things is that u are violating graphic design principles like alignment and spacing as for I can see (as I doubt that this is coming from the mockup perspective). Contrast is not great either for some elements, I would not go as far as saying u have been actually violating it all the same, but the bottom line is that there is required improvement about it in any event, for sure. Pls keep in mind that the item is not only a template but also a corporate item and as such u are supposed to arrange everything as perfectly as possible, this is not an option but mandatory. The logo for instance is misaligned with the block in the other side of the card and there is a negative visual impact resulting from it (it kind of damages harmony). Still about the very serious issues , there is the positioning of items indeed. Indeed, this is what I usually call “z-shape reading process” this is describing the way eyes sweep across any document in order to read it. This process determines notably the way eyes act but also the impact zones and this where important info are meant to be placed so that they have the right impact, attention and exposure. Let’s face it here, in the info side having the name and function just under the logo is not a good idea, to say the least … this comes in position number 3 in the order of reading … while this is a primary level of information just like the logo indeed, not to mention that in between u have “intertwined” some part of secondary information , which is nonlogical in anyway … the name and function being the first thing to see , I mean before the the actual personal data. Globally the background is pretty flat and empty and there is a lack of additional value. the typo is sort of clean but also flat and bringing some relief to the table by introducing variations, font combinations and possible touches of originality in the typo would be more than welcome. Finally beware of the preview file too … the header is super dense and compact and is definitely lacking breathing which is not visually attractive, not to mention that the dark blue background with a mockup on top does not really value your item, this is not selling …

The design ti self is actually good! but the category you are in is highly competitive… it’s saturated so to get approved your design should be extraordinary, exceptional, and outstanding… It should be unique in some way… although your design seems technically good it is somewhat traditional to try to change the layout, icons background pattern to get some uniqueness or come up with something original and new

Everyone new seems to assume that simpler items like business cards, logos, flyers, one page websites etc are all going to be quicker and easier to get approval when in actual fact it is the opposite as these are not only the most crowded categories but also require flawless execution given the more limited features and functionality

Thanks for your valuable response. I’ll work on it.

hi u are welcome, if u feel like that u have enough clues as regard to what to do pls check the solution box, good work and good luck :slight_smile:

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if I agree with what u said as regard to the marketplace , I disagree when it comes to the design here. I am sorry but if this is so very good, people would have no other choice but to accept it, no matter how crowded the category is. Actually, lots of people do simple things because they like such styles or because they want to get the job done and earn money but the fact of the matter is that this is much more complicated than this, here is nit a get rich quick place and the bottom line is that the quality of the product is an important issue, as well as the originality and the issue is that offering something original in simple styles without inspiring “deja vu” feelings, is a real big deal

@charlie4282 yeah I agree with u when it comes to logos and cards , they look like addressing a whole lot of people , simple not deserving too much time and potentially offer the opportunity to get decent money without struggling too much, but this is just an illusion as regard to how crowded the marketplace is and how these categories can be demanding accordingly. For the flyer section this is different, of course u will find some people not putting much effort into what they do there but this is not the general body as the format itself requires more effort globally, especially as far as traditional print formats are concerned by the way. For the website department, this is complex in another way, so many items being in the same style for a good while now that this is a category ion its own if u ask me