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I Upload Coronavirus animated video but i got feedback like this …“we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”… How can i understand envato review process.

Here this video:

Whithout showing anything that you have done…how can them help you…post your video link here…so they can

Here is the video . check and tell the solution for this…

Here is the video . check and tell the solution for this…

No … how they review the video

Problem is that since covid19 started, many many stock videos and templates with the 3D model of the virus were uploaded and approved already, and from my point of view, your video animation needs more quality to outstand among those items. In my opnion, you should improve your 3D, better textures and color combinations, you have no depth of field on your video, make some interesting atmosphere effect for the 3D model of the virus. All your 3D models move in the same way, add some random to rotation for example, animate a little the small red balls of the 3D model, etc.
Hope this helps.
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Thank you for your feedback and guidance.

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You´re welcome :+1:


I’m looking for a visual element for my project, which looks like a wireframe (diamond shape with connecting join dot) that slow spinning move in 3D space.

similar look like this but not too many dots

Plexus plugin for After Effects

Thank you ! let me look for it in Envato

something like this, swing in 3 axis space simple, not too many lines. any link I can purchase. Thanks!!

Just type “plexus” in the search bar of Videohive home page, then add the filter “After Effects Project Files” (to the left) and that´s it, you can choose the project you like. Check if you need the Plexus plugin installed in After Effects before purchase

install it before I make a purchase? I have subscribed to one. I couldn’t locate “Videohive home page”. is this page?

If you made a subscription maybe you´re talking about Envato Elements, not Videohive, so in case you have subscribed to Elements you don´t purchase, you just download the item you like on Elements. Videohive is not a subscription model, you purchase the item you need when you want and nothing more, it´s a market model.
About Plexus, some projects don´t need the plugin installed because you have the plexus footage pre rendered, but some other projects are fully editable and then you need Plexus plugin installed to see the plexus effect.

Yes, you can search here

I purchased one-month subscription, the one I purchased (license) and downloaded is

Plexus Titles . when I open it in AE, it asks me to install all effects plug-in to be able to edit text. so should I buy that effects plug-in as well?

So you subscribed to Elements, you can download the amount of projects you want during the time of your subscription. If that project you downloaded ask you for plugins, you need to buy them to have the full project ok. Anyway, you can download some other project while you are subscribed.

can you tell me where I can find “Spider web tool by Darkpulse” item #1164696 , can you send me the link? Thank you!

“Spider web tool by Darkpulse”

All you have to do is type the item number on Videohive search bar here “