Subdomain Usage - Regular License



Hi, just bought a HTML Admin Template and wondering if this allowed for Regular License -> landing page for site service, after user login redirected to -> site service itself -> to support site service -> to manage site service

Domain & subdomain are one package end-user site that have each function and complete each others, also the whole site(s) is owned only by me.

There will be free services and paid services for my users. Can all that be allowed?

Thanks for your help.


Generally if there are “paid for” access to the site (even one of the elements you listed above) then you would need an extended license rather than the regular one.


Thanks @charlie4282

Sorry for being newbie, more question:
Since it will be Freemium based (a website that NOT requires money before access the basic content), which base services are always free and user can get another more premium services by paying. Does that still counted as “paid for” access to the site?



Again this is something people tend to differ in opinions on but to me the freemium part is fine with regular license but that part where people need to pay means you need an extended one.

As mentioned there are people who will disagree with me on this so best to check with support to be sure.

It does say here that if something is accessible to all from the start e.g. all your services then that’s fine but any paid part would need an extended one.


Thanks @charlie4282

I just create a support ticket. Also my workaround on this is use the template on free part and redirect paid user to another subdomain that use another template created by myself. For your info no live site have been used, still testing it on localhost.

More question:
Based on your knowledge, how about donation based? Is that considered as paid user?



The work around would definitely be ok.

Donantions would be ok assuming users are not forced to donate - as I understand the license access need to be unrestricted if using a regular license.

It’s different ifnseling products I.e I can still use the site in its entirety without paying or donations anything - it’s the products that are paid for but they are not actually part of the site


Thanks @charlie4282

Agreed about donation based, they sometimes used in bad forced-way. But I’m not going to use that method even if I going to use it.

Thankfully, a support agent have confirmed that on my case, freemium based membership is allowed. That have solve my primary problem. But multi-subdomains is not allowed, but not really huge problem for me.

Have a nice day and thanks again for the support.


That’s really interesting to hear the feedback (and such a fast reply) - good to know what support see as the rules.

Thanks for sharing