Stylemix Support System Not Working, They Blame Envato

We’ve had difficulty submitting tickets to Stylemix’s support system. When we go to create the ticket, we get an error that says “{ “message”: “Server Error” }” after clicking the Submit Ticket button.

This happens with Chrome, Safari, and Opera on separate machines and from different IP addresses.

It is either a server issue, or an account issue. The error message suggests the former, but it could also possibly be our account that is triggering the error.

Stylemix’s response is that it’s due to a change made by Envato:

"hello, this error occurs when you do not submit a ticket with the right envato account

our support just verified this and asked if you could go to envato support because they can help fix this

this issue you are having is on envatos servers and not ours, when you submit a ticket, our system interacts with envato"

If the issue is really on the Envato side, then the author should have no problem to help you either via item comments or via his contact form, see this article: