Style.css no code

Please, I need Help. Because my style.css of my theme KONOHA, is blank file. Don´t have nothing settings in this file. When I open with, dreamweaver the file code is blank.

I try make procedures to,

but the problem continuous, the error persist.

So the style.css file inside of the download is empty? You should contact the author of the Konoha theme so they can check that the download file is correct.

Maybe all the styles are added in a minified version. Please check the theme they might use gulpfile.js in the development. Try also checking some .scss files also.

Hi @fabioladiaselizardo,

Are you sure you are opening parent theme? Assuming there’s also a child theme included.

Can you try to download purchased theme again, extract it using the most recent ZIP software you are using and check again? Even with the most standard text editor.


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