Stupid ThemeCheck Warnings

So, my theme has been soft rejected for the past couple of weeks mostly for these warnings:

WARNING: Found PHP short tags in file

There is no php short tags, it is just a regex expression. Although I mentioned this to the reviewers they keep telling me the same thing that I should fix that.

Translation warnings from WooCommerce template files.

Now it is my job to fix default woocommerce files?

More than one text-domain is being used in this theme.

Now, should I change all domains (woocommerce, tgmpa) to my theme’s domain?

WARNING: The theme uses the add_shortcode() function. Custom post-content shortcodes are plugin-territory functionality.

There is no shortcode built by the theme, I simply extend the Visual Composer ones. Same thing, I mention this to reviewers and they keep ignoring it.

What do you guys think?



  • Is there anyway you can alter your regex expression perhaps to at least not set off the warning?

  • If you copied Woo files to your theme then you should consider updating the text domain if those are the errors you see. However, because Woo uses hooks/filters for the most part you don’t even have to copy any files to your theme usually I would recommend against even doing that if possible.

  • I didn’t think they would soft reject for multiple text domains can you ask to confirm? Because you could technically add the tgmpa translation files with the theme and make use of the text domain I don’t see anything actually wrong with doing that - are they not allowing it? But of course you can always rename them all to your text domain so the warnings are removed.

  • You could consider moving your shortcodes into their own plugin and then recommending it with the theme instead, rather then having them built-in if TF isn’t allowing the add_shortcode function in the theme. This is what I did for a few things in my latest New York theme where the reviewer said it was plugin territory, I just put it in a plugin then added it to the recommended plugins list in TGMPA.

ps: You have some nice looking themes in your portfolio! Keep up the good work :wink:


Thanks for your reply.

The reviewer actually mentioned that only the .zip file warning is allowed, nothing else.

For the woo translation changing the domain is not the problem. There is for example this:

WARNING: Found a translation function that has an incorrect number of arguments. Function _n, with the arguments ‘%s download remaining’, ‘%s downloads remaining’, downloads_remaining, ‘woocommerce’

It’s frustrating that few months ago my last theme was accepted with exactly these warnings and now it’s changed.

Thanks, you have good themes too. I actually purchased a copy of your Total theme for a client :slight_smile:

I think we started authoring on TF at the same time about 6 years ago. I remember you wrote a comment on my first theme ever :slight_smile: