Stumped... new quality standards.. some input on this would be appreciated.

Hi All… been rejected on this. Is it a matter of getting this preview video to look cleaner, slicker? What are my weak points in this? My timing perhaps? Thanks in advance!

Animation & design look outdated. Background is very static. Nothing happens on the background. Fonts also are outdated, especially the «Register now» font. As a rule, italic style of any fonts doesn’t looks fresh today. And the bigest proble, I think, is uselessness of this project. Understand me correct, I mean I dont’s understand who can use it, and for what. I understand that it is a map navigation video, but I don’t think that will be useful for large audience. It’s always better if a project is adaptive and suitable for many users.

ok, thanks Romlam!.. I appreciate your feedback. good points. I might scratch this concept. Or perhaps it belongs only in a children’s story book style.

I’d say keep working on the idea but make this more appealing. It’s not useless. A lot of sport associations can make use of this to announce activities like marathons, trekking, walking, excursion meetups etc.

Some improvements you can make: Remove team of people references, special guests etc and replace with where the event occurs, date and time, cost. competitive or non competitive, giving gift package for first 100 to subscribe and so forth.

excellent input Typps! thanks! yeah I am missing the marketing focus… I will apply your suggestions. Much appreciated!