Studi8 Theme Hep

Hi all. I’m trying to make sense of this message from GoDaddy in response to a theme not working. I would be very grateful for any help! Thank you in advance & please see below:

We have checked your Wordpress site - and tested the menu. We have noticed that the menu is not freezing. However, the URL gets rewritten when trying to load the pages. Please see video and notice the address on the address bar -

For example, the url for contact page is -, the URL gets rewritten to where a ‘/#/’ has been added.

We have tried to change the permalinks, however, the issue still persists. We have also deactivated your plugins, temporarily to check if this is due to a plugin conflict. However, none of your plugins are causing it.

We have switched your theme from Studio8 to Twenty Seventeen theme and found that the URLs are working properly. Please see screenshot -

Since this is an issue with the theme coding, we suggest contacting the Theme Developer - with regards to this issue. You would need to login to your ThemeForest account - or to the site where you have purchased the theme to contact the Theme Developer.

Hi @findhilary,

Welcome to the forums! Well, this is a very brief response from GoDaddy support. There’s probably nothing else we could do or advise on our forums. You should get in touch with theme author for further support, make sure to incude the same message.

I can’t find any WordPress theme named “Studi8” or “Studio” in @UDTHEMES portfolio though. Was it purchased on ThemeForest?


I can provide paid support, if you’re interested in

That is an issue of a JS thing most probably.
What you can do, is to check the theme options for something loading into the permalinks.
An other way, is to check your cache