Stuck At Release Form

I was about to upload my Animation and stuck at ‘Release Form’.
My video is just a text animation do I need a Release Form for that. Please help!

Preview of video:: Preview - YouTube

Hi! Just skip this point. You don’t need to fill it out

You don’t need to do anything with Release Form for uploading AE templates.
But the quality of what your project is offering is 100% hard rejected.

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Thanks, Can you please tell me what does this column “Message to the Reviewer” mean? My first item has been canceled so I’m a little confused.

This is used to inform the reviewer of any information. You can also skip this point

Bro can you please help me to figure out why this item is rejected?

Bro can you please help me to figure out why this item is rejected? Reject - Google Drive

Did you get a hard rejection or is it soft?

Because your project is completely monotonous, standard, very simple, and does not bring anything new to the market. There are already hundreds of similar projects of higher quality on the market

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This is hard rejection

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Ok, what is minimum design or animation requirements?

Can you please tell me how you know this is hard rejection?

You can reach this result by comparing it with the final products on the market. If a project of the same quality has been added before, a second project will not be added. The project seeks a different perspective and quality design than existing projects. If you’ve received a Strict Rejection, you can make and submit major changes to this project. However, do not send it with minor changes. Your account may be suspended.

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I have already pointed out your mistakes

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From your screenshot