Strum Upbeat Corporate rejection



Hello, folks.
Here is item, that have been rejected today:

Reason: This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, unfortunately.

I would appreciate any feedback about what can be improved. Thanks.


Hi, good track!
but at 0:08 when everything stops there’s a crackle sound that doesn’t sound good to me.
Try to make the intro shorter without that break. Maybe this will help, I hope so.
Good luck!


Hi Purple, In my opinion the same idea is very good(it’s typical commercial piece) but …(samples are good) Try to do a new mix and mastering. Balance of volume between instruments is not good try to level out the levels and finaly do better compress. Sorry for my english I hope that you understad what I can to say:)


I think just a bit very similar to ours RedLionProduction , very I think it’s a bit dirty sound , bad mixing !)


Good idea, but need some extra care about quality of mixing.


So nice drums in intro!)
I agree with guys, that problem in mixing!
But it’s great track, try to change it!)))


I would appreciate a lot, if someone tells me exact mixing mistakes that were made here.
Don’t get me wrong, but after several times of re-listening this track after rejection through monitors and headphones I don’t hear any critical mixing mistakes, unfortunately…


Yes ? I think we often need to take and listen and adapt to best mix ))) here’s an example :


I dunno if someone can correct me from your experience, however do you think rapid change in dynamics is a factor? Relative to the genre eg, not wanting the music taking over the video if narration occurs?

I wish there was a highly detailed; “This always happens on a micro composition/mixing/master level” reviewers checklist :confused:


I find it’s sometimes best to stop listening to a track for a week or two and then come back to it. You may find out that issues you hadn’t noticed before leap out at you when you hear it again.


Nice track. yes, you need do more on mixing.