Struggling. Can you please advise what type of theme to use?


I first tried the ListingPro Directory theme, but now I’m using the Realhomes Real Estate theme. Both are great themes, but I can’t quite get them to work with my use case.

So I have the Realhomes theme installed here I’d like to make the “Find Landscapers” part work like “Find Projects,” in that you can search for the Landscapers and have a half-map displaying the results. Currently in the Realhomes theme there is no way to enter structured data (i.e. address, city, state) for an Landscaper that would allow for this searching and mapping functionality.

As a workaround, I implemented a mapping plugin here with a list of landscapers.

But this is not an ideal solution as it’s not very well integrated with the rest of the theme.

Any thoughts on a different approach? Perhaps a Classified ads theme??

Essentially what I want is the functionality of the website Houzz, where contractors can list projects and visitors to the site can search for projects (i.e. new fireplace, patio, etc.) or they can search for contractors in their area.

Thanks a lot for any insight.

Have you looked into an advanced search plugin like FacetWP? I think it should be able to search based on custom post types / taxonomies / etc. and it offers support for maps (though it may require the Advanced Custom Fields for this). Maybe try sending a message to the developer to see if the plugin offers everything you need?