Structure of tracks

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Please share your experience about the structure of your tracks)
A track, which AJ defines as commercial, must have a structure in the form of repeatedly repeating the same progression of chords, or a form like “couplet - chorus - couplet”, etc. is allowed?
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I think it’s important to have clear cut points in your music. So like every 4/8 bars have a new section or feature added.

It’s also good to try and make sure that at the cut points there aren’t any overlapping builds or melodies. So for example it isn’t very useful to have a melody that starts on the upbeat(the beat before the first beat of the bar). Sometimes it can work but not always.
A good excercise is to take your bounce and try edit it into 30/60 seconds. You’ll quickly discover if your tracks is working or not.
Also try putting a voiceover with your track, you can see if ot works well with voice or if it is taking up too much ‘space’.

As for overall structure it depends on the track, but i like to have an intro, A, B A2.
Something like that.

These aren’t rules of any kind, just my thoughts.


The overlapping melodies is an interesting point, i’ve never thought of that before!

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Same thing with reverse cymbals and other ‘transition’ elements. If it happens every time then fine. But if you try and edit one section with another and the dont have the same cymbal swell and crash then it can sound weird.
When i do that, either I keep them the same or take them out.


I think maybe that is why the reverse cymbal is so common in production music, I makes a cut blend seamlessly. I wonder if including a version without transitions would be useful for when trying to edit two sections that don’t have the same transition? Does anyone all ready do this?

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I think anything you can include in the zip file that gives editors options enhances the value of your song. If you create something that has a solo or melody part that is worth keeping but might also make your track limited in its use with videos, then include a version without that solo part, also.

I edit a lot of video, and some of the best tracks I’ve purchased here include alternate mixes that were thoughtfully put together by the author.


Happy new year!
It all depends on genre, but there are some rules for stock music, i believe.
for trailer music it’s “intro - build up - climax 1 - climax 2 - outro” with some kind of pause and transition between this parts. Almost every best seller in cinematic category has this structure.
For corporate music it’s more “progressive” structure, when every 4 or 8 bars become bigger and bigger just adding new instruments, percussion, melodies etc.
In upbeat genres like rock, pop or folk the rule is to get to the point as soon as possible, but you still need to have some kind of intro, because as i noticed track without intro that begins from chorus sells less. So for this genres the most common structure is “intro - chorus - verse - chorus - chorus”. You can add another verse, bridge and outro to this structure, but i noticed, that bridge is not so common any more, at least on Audiojungle. And as was mentioned before, your track must be easy editable for the buyer.


Thank! I have not thought about it before :roll_eyes:


Short intro - MEAT - break - MEAT+ - the end