Strange URL in the Demo Module of Newspaper theme causing error when the site loads!

Recently, I downloaded the Version 8.5 of the #Newspaper theme and activated it on my new domain -
After activating the theme, I installed the ‘Gadgets Demo’ for the layout of the site.
The strange thing is that the site is taking more than usual time to load and showing an error when I inspected the page.

I tried searching for the link through the source code of the page, but I wasn’t able to locate where that link is actual present.
I don’t know where from this URL came, but I want to remove it, as it is not letting the page to load properly and fast.
Please tell me how to eliminate this error.

Details -

Theme - Newspaper 8.5
Demo Module Installed - Gadgets

I can provide more information, if required.
Thanks and have a nice day.

Hello :smiley:

The author of that theme may have seen that before. You can certainly ask them. Here is their support information -