Look at my typical sales:

Monday - no sales
Tuesday - no sales
Wednesday - two customers from Italy bought the same item
Thursday - one customer from Australia bought 3 items
Friday - no sales
Saturday - no sales
Sunday - two customers from Germany (located in the same city) bought 2 items

The scheme is always the same - no sales time and after that 2-3 sales from persons located in the same country or even in the same city. It’s confusing me, like my items becomes visible somewhere in the world for a short time.

Can someone explain this to me please?

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Yea sales are strange. Last week it was fantastic. This week higher visits but lower conversion. Strange indeed

yeah sales are strange. Sometimes no sales sometime 20 items sold in a single day. Always hope for the best.

Any ideas what is the reason?

It’s very cool when same customer buy same item ! :+1:

start share your items in more site like or and more site this will make a good viewer to your items i hope thank you

@Arkadio i have the same situation - i can have 5-6 sales a day and than nothing for a week, than 2-3 again…
My friend told me he always have a sale on birthday and also in Year in Envato market - so i think in some days searching system can rise your works for top

Another strange thing:

In Autor Dashboard is a section “Fun fact”. It shows something like this: “You’re ranked 17156th for sales on Envato Market”.

After 2 days: “You’re ranked 4156th for sales on Envato Market” Wow! Progress! But wait… there was no sale of the last two days :neutral_face:

“You’re ranked 17156th for sales on Envato Market”.
“You’re ranked 4156th for sales on Graphic River”. :wink:

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I really need better glasses :smile: Thanks @WildKittyTunes

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