Strange reviewer requests


As usually I receive lot’s of “non sense” / false requests from WordPress Reviewers, I always manage to complete them due I have not other choices but for these two I have really some problem to understand:

  1. Dates should correspond with the Date Format settings in Settings -> General:

Can someone help to understand how these box should be changed based on Settings -> General ? I need an example. Consider that the small date on right respect the settings, but the blue box how can respect it?

  1. Issue still remains: Pingbacks/trackbacks should display by default -

Like explained at, Pingback are COMMENTS so YOU MUST ENABLE THE COMMENTS to show the Pingback , comments must be enabled into the single post: , really the Pingback should be displayed also if the comments are disabled like asked by the reviewer?

Thank you!

You need to use the date input in this format :
<?php echo get_the_date(); ?>

Ignore using the date input in this format:
<?php echo the_time('l, F jS, Y') ?>

If you would like to use a specific date format, you can create a section on the theme settings. Enable/Disable option to overwrite the date format and you could use the current one as well

Pingbacks/trackbacks should be visible. ( It looks like comments - 5 thoughts on “Template: Pingbacks And Trackbacks” part on the link below )

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Your replay seem the same copy and paste message of the reviewer :slight_smile:

You can not use get_the_date() in box like that one, change date format can never be applied to calendar style boxes, the top number will be always the month number. I will remove the blue box, but this is frutrating due this box has been added only for the reviewers, they asked me to implement it on a previous theme. Really unprofessional.

The Pingbacks/trackbacks are visible and work perfectly, obviously if the user disable the comments they are not showed, this is the correct way to show Pingbacks/trackbacks. This this the problem, reviewer still pretend that Pingbacks/trackbacks are showed always also if comments are disabled.

Thank you anyway :wink:

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Comments/Pingbacks are different. If you disable the comments, you should be still able to see the pingbacks.

Here’s my answer: