Strange result for Audio Jungle with Bing search engine


I’m not sure where best to raise this issue but if you type audio jungle into the Bing search engine the first site that comes up appears to be for AudioJungle but if you follow the link it turns out to be a paid for advert by a competitor stock music provider.

I was surprised that this could be allowed and on the face of it seems to be a deliberate attempt to deceive anyone using Bing to find the AJ website.

The ‘fake’ link is called "Audiojungle - Get Royalty Free Music’. The correct link, which is ranked immediately below in the search results, is called ‘AudioJungle - Official Site’


Just tried it here (netherlands) on firefox/bing and got - audiojungleradio - soundcloud, as the first 3 results on the page. I went as far as page 3 and couldn’t see the site you were referring to. Try and clear cookies and see if the result is still the same for you.


Still happens - from the UK - after clearing cookies so that’s really odd (I assume you followed the links to confirm they were as they seemed).


I don’t see anything strange from Russia. And through US, Czech, Sweden and France proxy appears first. And links lead to actual audiojungle.


Here’s a screen shot


Works fine for me U.S.


I think maybe it is some kind of regional advert.


Must be I guess. Raises some interesting trade mark issues about the use of the name ‘Audio Jungle’!


Maybe it’s a glitch or something. I am not seeing that from the USA.