Strange possitive commets

Hi all.

Recently i started to receive some positive comments under my items whith whishes of good sales. Is it some kind of flashmob or just some members positive fluids?

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Positive fluids? At least there are not hating on you, maybe it’s just good encouragement, one of the great things about AJ, composers seem to support each others success…


Hi, it’s my first post on this forum :slight_smile:

For me it looks like authors from different envato services want to pick as much followers as they can by writing comments and hoping that you or sb will follow them. And of course it is some kind of crypto-advertisment. For example after few comments on my “wall” (from the same authors) I remember their names and logos quite well… Not sure is it effective. But for me it is in some way annoying and insincere…


I received some recently too:
’‘Dream on and achieve on’’ (11 days ago)
’‘Dream on and achieve on’’ (the same day, but later)
’‘Dream on and achieve on’’ (today)

Cheap marketing spam disguised as generic positive comments, I guess…

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Oh, I felt unique for a moment. Well… I guess I should keep dreaming on :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha… dreaming is a good thing anyway!
( I almost like that spam, it’s like a reminder or something :smiley: )

As long as it’s under control, let them spam… Of course it’s just to gain attention to their own stuff. You should see what’s going on at VideoHive by AJ authors… They spam all new videos so that the VH author will use their tracks. They can be certain it has the opposite effect!


Just do not pay attention to those comments, that’s all. Comments do not matter.

I read somewhere, once upon a time, that some people had the belief that if you left lots of comments then it somehow helped with your SEO, visibility and exposure. It might be slightly true for SEO, although probably not really worth the effort. And I’m sure it does help in exposure and visibility, but if that exposure and visibility results in people making threads about you in the forums to find out what’s going on… then it’s probably not having the desired effect!

But yeah, in the style of random item comments… “Great thread dude! I wish you many replies!”

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