Strange E-Mail From Envato about Payoneer


Did anyone receive such e-mail from Envato today about confirming their Payoneer account setup?

Everything could be OK, except for the fact that I didn’t request any changes to Payoneer.
And such e-mail also came to another author who has NEVER linked Payoneer to his Envato account.

The e-mails came at the same time.

Here’s a screenshot.

It’s actually quite a shame that we can’t see what Payoneer account is linked to our Envato account. So if someone somehow relinked your account to another Payoneer wallet you won’t know about it until your next withdrawal…

What do you think?

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I was reading your post this morning but I haven’t been able to confirm where it’s legit or not yet. What email address was it sent from?

Envato Market

Well that’s the silly email address we use for emails like that :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see any recent logins to your account outside of Ukraine, so I would assume the email was just a mistake.

If you like, you can also open a Help Ticket and they can maybe track it a bit better than I can -

.[quote=“KingDog, post:4, topic:86030”]
Well that’s the silly email address we use for emails like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah…And it remains as silly after someone hacked your account as well :smiley:

It’ll help more to track the individual IP’s or cities as Ukraine is pretty huge.
I’ve already messaged support so I hope they’ll be able to provide more detailed info on this.

Still thanks for replying!

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