Strange (but good) sales trend


The last few days of sales have been very interesting (in a good way)… Something I’ve never experienced here in such a consistent way.

I’ve been selling 3 - 4 tracks to single buyers at the one time, at least on three occasions, all within similar music genres, I did consider at one time creating Packs with these tracks, but from a sales perspective, it seems to be working out having these tracks as individual products.

Got me thinking, are packs a good idea? I’ve only got 1 or 2 packs at present (which rarely sell!)

Anyone else ever think about this?


For me a pack is needed for pushing my profile exposure, while i prepared the next track to upload, it sells several times because i limit my pack just about 3 tracks per packs to keep it affordable.


Packs are stupid, it would be better to just offer a discount based on the number of items sold at any one time. Authors could opt in or out their items from that and all would be automatic.