Strange bug!

Several people have noticed a bug on AJ in which the player stops working on the item page and you can’t download the preview file, which you can fix by re-uploading the thumbnail (really bizarre). A common factor is that the tracks affected always seem to be the best sellers, as per:

@KingDog - I think this really needs checking out as a matter of urgency as it won’t be doing overall sales any good at all!

Hi @PaulGraves - this issue should now be resolved. Any items that were manually recached (by re-uploading item thumbnails, using the workaround discussed in this thread) will have been fixed immediately, but all remaining AJ items should now be up to date.

If you find any other affected tracks, please let us know!


@BenLeong please help. Every track I have checked in my portfolio has the problem. So, its not just best sellers being affected. Can you please help with this problem. Portfolio at