straight rules for financial settlement with envato for EU authors



what is the accurate way of financial settlement with envato? I’m from EU, I get paid the money through PayPal once in a month. What documents do I need to bring to my

accountant? Should I generate an invoice with 0 VAT for envato? how to call the service, that envato is doing?


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very important question!!!

I’m an envato author for under one year now, iam not an accountant or tax expert, i just did a business studies some years ago and the tax laws are changing very often.
I just want to help, so please dont be bad and correct me if iam wrong. Iam learning.

You dont have to generate an invoice to envato as an receiver. Iam not sure if you have to print out every single invoice from your buyers for your annual tax declaration. Contact your local finance office, discribe the situation to get the informations your finance office need.

Envato collects the engrossed taxes from the buyers. Income from a third country (Australia) are not taxable in my country. but Iam not sure if its eu or federal law…

For my understanding envato is a marketplace/distributor…

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I guess that’s not the answer