Straight Away Hard Rejection After 24 Days of Review

We simply got hard rejection without any solid reason after reviewing process of 24 days.

What is the fault in this template that leads to Hard Rejection.

This is really disappointing. Please let us know about your suggestions and reviews.

hi frnd, i m not a web developer so i don’t know abt any coding prob. but as a designer and personally i wanna say, designing (layout, typography etc) needs improvement and there r alot of animations in the site, some r good.


Typography is set as neat and clean. What else they want ?

Just few thoughts from my side. I am with the reviewer decision.

These all three marked with red borders are heading so see the difference in consistency? Why some are in full caps and some in small letter? See the size differences.

These headings does not stand out from other text. Does not look like heading.,
Check spacing issues

As for the spacing issues we already have set the spacing equally if there are some spacing issues like you are showing in the screenshot then they must give a soft rejection for that by asking to resolve the spacing and alignment issues.

These issues should not lead to Hard rejection. We are not new to theme forest already have worked on several templates & WordPress before.

It’s good to hear that you have already worked with several templates and WordPress before. But by looking at this template I am still with the reviewer decision sorry :slight_smile: You will need to improve alot of things in this template to get through.

What are the improvements that we need to do ? Please let us know about them.

We have seen several designs that were far low than our design which are approved on theme forest. I think in justice is done with our template. We want official answer and Justice with our template.

I have already pointed out some of the issues I see. Main things you will need to correct are: consistency in spacing and typography.

Yes we understand and can see the issues you have pointed out. But my question remains the same previously we got rejection that there are some of the spacing issue which needs to be address which means we got soft rejection about that. But this time few spacing issues leads to hard rejection why ???

May be reviewer did not see any uniqueness in the template, again these are just my thoughts and I cannot answer your question.

So here is an example of different heading styles on the same page approved on theme forest

Yes you should see the difference between this template and the other one. See the headings all in caps, see the yellow goldish heading with a border on the left… spacing are consistent. These are the things missing in your rejected template.