Straight animation accepted, gay animation rejected!

In March I uploaded a Wedding Animation AE Project to VideoHive and it was accepted straight away, this week I uploaded the same animation but for a gay couple and the item was hard rejected straight away from that category. They did say that it would be better in the motion graphics category? But this means that the titles which are editable and tracked to the motion of the piece will be redundant!
I contacted support and had a copy and paste answer in return. The animation and render settings are completely the same as the accepted straight version apart from a character change in the animation. I’m just confused to why? Plus this took over 24 hours to upload because the ftp server kept crashing which has made this whole situation even more annoying! :angry:

What’s accepted or not varies per reviewer as it’s very much a subjective matter. Support don’t seem to want to get involved in this.

What I’m saying is it wasn’t nessisarily homophobia as reviews are a bit of a gamble but of cause it doesn’t mean it’s not. By the fact they suggested another category I am presuming homophobia wasn’t the case. But of cause the particular reviewer could be…

If it were me I would upload again and point out that the straight version of it was accepted into that category.

I hope Victor_Odoevsky is wrong about that - I for one wouldn’t want to have anything to do with a homophobic business.

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I know this isn’t the case as they celebrated Spirit Day in a stand against bullying, and show support for LGBT last year. Maybe that one reviewer was, who knows?

It is not the matter of gay animation, I looked at your Wedding template, It was not in Template standard, It perfectly suits for Motion Graphics, Quality was awesome, no doubt, But it lacks as template, The other reviewer was kind enough to approve, But that file cannot be shown as benchmark