Stopping "All the best" and "Good luck with sales"

No clue if it’s considered as spam or just a greeting message. But i found that it’s quite annoying always to get 4-6 people commenting the “Good luck with sales” and the other ones… Already told envato but got no response so far.

Can’t say those people check every new item and comment that bl**dy wish. All i imagine is a bot that comments on newly approved items. Agree to get it removed?

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No bots. They are actual authors hoping you reciprocate so that they get many comments and make their item trending.

Great post. I wish you many replies!


Or some of them are really nice people.


I hate this too…
If I like some item, I write a comment to wish good sales, but so much authors are writing comment to all posts. Not only codecanyon, these authors write on audiojungle, videohive or other markets too…
This is spam I think, and annoying…

#I hate this too

Wow! I like this topic! Great idea! I wish you all guys good luck with sales and happy holidays :laughing::joy::wink:



Yes. They sometimes write “wish you good luck with the sales and happy holidays” in the comments :clown_face:

when author says that is really because sellers will have a break while their product sells…i think… :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting Topic :slight_smile:

Got same on my every item. haha i think they don’t have other works rather than commenting same.


I also previously reported this to Envato support, but I did not get an answer …

These are not bots! This sellers in such a way (to create spam and nonsensical commentary it) try to increase their sales

I’m also very annoyed by this spam :slight_smile: