stopped referral programm?!

Second time purchase via the referral links and the bonus is not accrued! Your program stopped working?

Whose bonus is not accrued?

Bonus allif program

Yeah, but who is clicking on the links, and who is meant to get the bonus?

I recommend the template to the client. and should get a bonus. Customer confirmed the purchase and the bonus did not let me. Cheating ?

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Currently the affiliate program only works for the referral of new customers. In addition, there’s also a lot of exceptions placed around the current referral system- for example if the customer already has a cookie from certain parts of market- sometimes an exception is created.

Can’t be sure without knowing the exact circumstances, but there could be a few reasons why.

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If the account is locked, somehow after the fixing the issue the amount from referral is not transferring.
Time to time, I’m using referral system to purchase the items for my clients and last time I didn’t receive it either but the amount wasn’t that big so ignored it

I’m 90% sure that’s against the rules!

To purchase the items for a new account? or something else? Not sure if it’s against the rules but there may be a loophole

I’m not certain, but, as you can’t resell anything on here, buying an item and then transferring it to a client would be against the rules. But if you’re completing a project for a client, that involves using one of your items, then there’s no need for you to buy the item through Envato… as you’re free to use your own items in client projects. I guess you could, so the client has a proper Envato license/purchasing code/receipt etc… but you don’t have to.

Either way, buying something using your own referral code has got to be at least a little bit naughty, surely?!

I’m not reselling, just purchasing the items on behalf of their name. Also,after your notification, just checked the referral rules, it doesn’t say you cannot

One more thing, I’m not purchasing my items. For the custom works, when I got the request , the client/customer had already purchased my theme/templates

But they’re giving you money to do this, right? You’re buying an item, and the client is giving you money to hand it over?

Those are the Studio referral terms, the Marketplace ones seem to have disappeared for some reason… even when you go through the link in the marketplace.


We’ve been over this several times. You can sell your service to a client, which includes an Envato item and customisation of that item. You can’t buy an item and sell it on to a client ‘as is’. Nothing you’ve quoted above, or anything I’ve said in this thread, contradicts that.

I’m not selling the items. I’m selling the services and giving away the account to not to spend time for updates - as part of the customizations I’m performing is based on child themes so my clients could update the main theme files as they would like

And yes, we are discussing these because we are (at least I’m) not lawyers and I believe Envato should update rules and at least publish something to avoid some issues. ( If there’s any you’d know, I’d like you to share it )

But you’re talking about two situations…

  1. When you do customisation of items, the customer already owns the item you are customizing. No issues there.

  2. When you’re not doing customisation (I’m assuming you’re not, because you didn’t say you were… like you did in the example above), you’re “purchasing items on behalf of clients”. Unless I’m missing something, then that’s you buying an item, and then sending it to a client, and they pay you for doing that… which sounds like reselling an item to me.

I’m not doing this but considering that anyone can purchase any item from any Envato marketplace, it’d be no good idea someone pays me to purchase the item when they can just purchase it by themselves directly from Envato - especially if they know which item they suppose to purchase

But I think I should have been more clear. I’m not purchasing the item to sell the customer

Yes, I recommend to buy the theme , a customer saw the “my account blocked”. Registered a new account, bought the theme. In the end I received the payment a second time( with two different clients. Why, then, I motivate clients to buy those ?

I also have the same problem !!!

There could be 2 reasons of problem:
1)There’s something wrong with Envato system,some bugs and etc
2)You don’t fully understand how the referral system works. You can get additional earnings only if the buyer wasn’t the client(wasn’t registred) on any of Envato Marketplaces.And the buyer did click your referral link,registred and buys the item,then you get % from sale.
But if the buyer already has an Envato account and clicks your referral link,then you get 0 additional earnings.