Stopped buying, what to do?

I began to lay out my tracks in style corporate, but no sales! Why? I am not understand, help me plz…

No one has sales. AJ is dead.

I’ve never had a sale :tired_face:

Elemets has taken over AudioJungle , most buyers buy now subscriptions and have access to a bilion tracks for a cent, sad days to see this :frowning:

To give you an idea of why, I was on YouTube a few minutes ago and checked out a channel run by one of AJ’s authors. Before his video started, there was a paid ad from a music subscription service that costs $199/year for all of there music on the site - most of which is better than AJ’s music. Those ads are all over YouTube and a lot of well-known YouTube creators even put an “on camera promo” right in their video.

That’s what you’re up against. The subscription model will win without a doubt. Like @CleanMagicAudio said, AJ is dead.

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